Trending Courses in Digital Age

Trending Courses in Digital Age

Be 21th Century Professional after 12th!

The interest and opportunities for learning online, increasing day by day. Today, parents, teachers, local educators, and even students themselves are using the internet or digital method to gain knowledge and for learning. 

So, in the digital era of the 21st century, there are several trending professional courses of 2021 for all the 12th pass aspirants to be an expert in the future of this digital age.

Let’s know the courses and discuss them.

  • Data Science: 

A skilled data science professional is in high demand in India.  The course has Graduate, Postgraduate, PG Diploma, and as well as the doctorate level too. Also, there are plenty of certification courses offered online. 

The main courses in Data Science after 12th are – Data Science Professional Certificate, B.Sc / B.Tech on Data Science, M.Sc/ M.Tech on Data Science. After pursuing, the aspirants can become a Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Manager, Data Administrator, Data architect in the future. Smart city Bangalore has created the highest number of job opportunities for the course aspirants followed by Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai.

2. AI & ML:

AI or Artificial Intelligence and ML or Machine Learning are also two trending digital courses focused on developing computers or programmed machines, that can perform like a human brain. The main courses of AI & ML are Certificate Course, Diploma, Graduate, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. in AI. 

The aspirants can become Data Scientists, AI Specialists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Robotics Engineers in the future. Recently, AI and ML have started creating a vast job market so the demand for an AI professional is at the top. The AI and ML students have a very good opportunity in the TI and multinational companies like Microsoft, Accenture, Intel, Adobe, Amazon, NVIDIA, Facebook, and many more.

3. Cyber Security: 

As the number of internet users is increasing day by day in India so is the opportunity for a Cyber Security aspirant. According to many business guidelines, there would be a demand for more than 70,000 Cyber Security professionals in India in 2021 itself. The Cyber Security course includes certificate, Diploma, Graduate, Post Graduate, B.Tech, B.Sc, M.Tech, etc. 

The students will learn Digital Forensics, web security, and also various firewalls, software, programming languages. After completing students can apply for employment in Government, public and private sectors, various Law companies to work as Ethical hackers, Cryptography specialists,  and security software developers.

4. Business Analytics:


To make a business sustainable and developed a clear analysis is very important. A business can stand and grow after so much research, design, implementation analysis, innovation, adjustment, and improvement. The main course includes Data Visualization, data mining, marketing analytics, financial chain analytics,  supply chain analytics, Quantitative Analytics, etc. after the course completion students can work as analytics experts at various companies.

5. Business Analyst:


Business analyst professionals are in high demand in every area of business in India. This career path will lead the 12th pass aspirants to multiple directions and future goals. The main courses of Business Analysts are from certification to doctorate level. Also, BBA, BCom, BVoc courses are there. 

The students after the course completion can perform as project manager, project developer, performance monitor, analyst expert, and many more. Top companies like Infosys, Accenture, TCS, Capgemini recruit a large number of business analyst professionals every year with a high salary package.

6. Digital Marketing: 

According to LinkedIn, digital marketing jobs are the best jobs in India in 2021. So a career in Digital Marketing will be a very good option for a 12th passed candidate. They can pursue Certificate courses, diploma courses, various online courses on digital marketing and, some short-term digital marketing courses. Almost every government and private companies hire marketers rather than digital marketers. One can pursue MBA in Digital Marketing also. No doubt, the job opportunity is high. 

7. Software Development

Education in the software and IT industry would be a smart option for a 12th pass aspirant. Different types of programs like- UG, PG, Diploma, Certificate, and Doctorate are offered by various colleges, universities, and institutions. This career path has a broad job prospect in IT sectors, Communication firms, Computer consulting, software publishing firms, public and private sectors for the students who successfully completed the program. 

8. Digital Transformation:  

This is also a smart option for the 12th pass aspirants. Because this program can put them on the right path to be digital transformation leaders. Many of the universities offer certification, UG and PG programs, and higher studies in digital marketing. The opportunity for employment in this sector is broad and high. After the course student can work as Technology experts, Data experts, and Process experts.

9. Blockchain: 

Blockchain technology is known to be the most promising technology in the 21st century. Nowadays, there is a considerable demand for jobs in Blockchain technology. It is penetrating every industry for digital advertising, cybersecurity, supply chain management, Networking, etc. there are both the UG and PG courses for Blockchain learning. So this could be a great career option for a 12th pass candidate.

  1. Design Thinking:

There are different types of Designing Thinking courses mostly available online in India. Certificate, Diploma, UG, PG, and Master course. A 12th pass candidate aspiring to develop a career in Design Thinking can work as App Developer, Game Designer, Graphic Designer, etc. the scope for a job in this sector, no doubt in a high rise. 

The Conclusion

There are the trending courses for a 12th  pass aspirant.  in today,s era So, pick one that matches your needs and start learning. The digital method is interesting and is full of easy-to-read disclosures, that facilitate the readers a clear understanding of the subject matter. 

Also, there are so many improved technologies used for the safety and privacy of the students to protect their sensitive data, to reduce the risk of harm, and to improve the ecosystem of learning. The internet today is open and free, easy to access from anywhere in the world. So, no one will be able to limit your learning digitally.

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