A Multidisciplinary Learning Approach of Indian Education; and the Need for Career Counselling!

A Multidisciplinary Learning Approach of Indian Education; and the Need for Career Counselling!

As known, the Pen is mightier than the Sword! But the changing dynamics of Indian education and the pandemic puzzling our lives, both Pens and Swords are effortlessly replaced by keyboards and screens. 

Out of the 2020’s unforeseen challenges shaking the implementation of the NEP, the only best thing gained was the myriad of digital opportunities presented to 2021’s tech-savvy generation, naming it, ‘Online Education – the start of a new era’. Today learning is literally not just in classrooms, but way beyond the regime of traditional schooling. 

So What’s New Now?

  • Now in India, education is mostly presented with a career-driven approach and a dynamic academic curriculum intended towards the holistic development of the students. 


  • Now the education system has embraced students, welcoming them to explore; invent and understand their ultimate career choice with comprehensive learning opportunities. 
  • Now, drawn over the years, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will have a long-lasting impact on the mental health of students. 
  • Although, now parents and teachers experienced in the traditional education realms are finding it challenging to cope up with the tech-savvy millennials while mentoring them.

And here’s an unwinding of all this is happening! 

With the modulation of NEP 2020 and the urge to go online over the pandemic, students, parents, and teachers are experiencing swarms of changes, updates, and instigation of new standards of education. In 2021, it was already puzzling enough; adding to it was the succeeding phases of lockdown that delayed boards & all major entrance exams across the nation. Building the level of confusion, millennials and aspirants of higher education are finding it difficult and scary to select the optimal career-driven course out of all the recently evolved subjects and courses. Here comes the need for proper career counseling with trusted guidance to the right course, college, and city. 

From the words of Union Minister Subhas Sharma, India has upgraded their education system with the University Grants Commission (UGC) organizing and regulating multidisciplinary education that is aimed towards holistic growth. 

To brief on the way education is been offered today;

Out of the Box: 

With the days of conventional learning coming to a brisk end, mitigating the risk of career failure rates. Introducing many trending technical and non-technical courses to the mainstream, students now have a multitude of options to choose from based on their ultimate competencies. With online classes and engaging the students more with the latest technologies, all universities and institutions have ensured the introduction of the new age education. Most of the universities in countries like Canada and India are following modern standards of curriculum that are truly out of the box. 

Increased Awareness 

Today making decisions for higher education is not only based on limited learning options or a hazy vision of the career ahead! Now students are exposed to the widest and dynamic course curriculums that are well informed, focused, and tuned to new-age learning. As the world moves on to explore the true potential and unrealized skills of the students, it has become important to ensure every decision made matches the interest and competencies well. As the competition rises, only the true match of potential and the right course can deliver the true leaders in the future. As a majority of the millennials are connected to the internet and are glued to screens, accessing information has become easy and effective. Every course can now be traced for its future scope, job opportunities, learning platforms, and a lot more allowing students and parents to make their decisions for higher education with utmost awareness. 

Dynamic Education & Teaching

In 2021 and the years to come, being a master of one trade is not going to be enough. Every student or graduate is now anticipated to have multidisciplinary skills, and have studied in a dynamic educational environment. Currently, all conventional major degree courses like Arts, Engineering, Allied Health Sciences, etc have introduced new branches and a tailored way of selecting courses giving aspirants the leverage to choose their rightful learning. To give an example, now Liberals Arts no longer restricts the aspirants to study fine arts or perform art. Today the curriculum of liberal arts offers the students a more dynamic exposure of reasoning, critical thinking, and combined academic learning with research opportunities. Similarly, the introduction of the latest technology-based syllabus for engineering has upheld the career opportunities for students with dynamic learning of the latest technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, BioMechanics, etc.  

Okay, we came this far understanding the new dynamics of the 2021’s education system. But with all that added options to get your undergraduate degree, it is of top priority to make any decision only after complete knowledge. 

Here’s why you would need to prioritize career counseling in 2021;

How often have you tried making a checklist before you make an important decision? With all the uncertainties of 2021 and universities offering multidisciplinary course curriculum, it is natural to miss out on critical information. In today’s time, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that only proper career counseling can help you make the best decision. Here’s how:

  • To prepare the right checklist before you make the final decision

    Talking to a counselor for career guidance will definitely help you chalk out the priority list before you take any important decision. Most of the time, vague decisions can turn your career life upside down. Opting for proper career counseling can help you understand all the important parameters to think about before you choose your field of higher education.

  • Guides you to explore your true potential

    It is impossible to judge the true potential of a student just by its aggregate marks in board examinations. Proper career counseling can help you understand the true skillset the students have and, most importantly, match it with the right course for higher education. An in-depth analysis and mentorship can help the students select the right stream or subject to draw a successful career in the future. 
  • Understand the requirements for admissions to top universities and colleges

    With over 1000+ top colleges and universities in the nation offering courses of global standards, knowing the admissions process and real-time information is out of the question. Top career counselors today believe in the power of educating students on top universities and colleges profiles to allow them to choose better.

  • Planning and strategizing your ultimate career roadmap

    Planning and Strategizing are one of the most important steps before you finally walk your chosen path for higher education. Expert career counselors, ecopreneurs, admission advisors, etc can help you frame a dynamic career roadmap matching your career goals. 

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To summarise; in 2021 as in many other countries, the Indian Education system has proudly accepted a multidisciplinary learning approach with an aim to bring holistic development to the students. Education has now opened a plethora of new opportunities mostly with a career-oriented curriculum ensuring the students dynamic learning of the academic as well as other important parameters of life. 

With all the new opportunities, new streams, new learning modules, motivating innovation, students and parents are confused and scared to make the best decision. With such situations, the need for proper career counseling is undeniable. 

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