The Potential Adaptation Of Technology & Education In India

The Potential Adaptation Of Technology & Education In India

Beyond the time and space of one’s intangible consciousness, the need for learning new dimensions resides. People are looking for education from the cradle to the grave. Education and learning are two facets of the same coin. The value of education is by its demand. Education is now part of the vicious cycle of supply and demand.

 We observe an increasing gap between the haves and have nots, commercial exploitation of education, and unequal distribution of education has made a partition between literate and illiterate. Free education has been one of the major initiatives from the government. Today the graph of poverty has defeated the intention of such initiatives.

Over the past two decades, India has seen incredible growth in technological advancement, and the impact on the education sector is an example. The motive of our economy is to generate resources for enhancing the commercial quotient of the country. So, what does education has to do with the economy? In the education sector, the end-users are students and parents. Technology has given people the ability to communicate in no time. This aspect has been the target of various organizations to

uplift their economic valuation.

Nonetheless, the infusion of technology and education has generated employment among youths. We may assume that such infusion is a revolution against ignorance. Educational institutions are now the culmination of efforts made by bright people who are trying their level best to impart the actual meaning of learning by using technology as a tool and a means to an end.

We have a convenient way of learning in the form of pre-schooling, schools, colleges, and whatnot. We have seen the worst pandemic situation in human history. It has brought people to the virtual platform. With such technology, the education of millions got completed. The world experienced the learning process virtually and from the comforts of their home. Technological advancement is one aspect of the change in the music of learning. Over-reliance on the virtual way of learning will affect the growth of any child as it’s not just a tool but a weapon. Physical involvement is a must, where all the five senses of students work so that they can amplify it all by interacting with their surroundings. Both physical and mental development is required equally.

If we go down memory lane, more impetus was on human personality by imparting them the required skills and knowledge divided into the phases like childhood, adolescence, and manhood. Education has transcended borders, culture, language, and age. But is there a need to quantify the value of education? We learn only to earn a livelihood. There is an impression about education that would eradicate negativity and anti-social elements from our society. We can relate crimes are increasing day by day, violent and non-violent crimes. Technologies are available to the masses. People are using it for entertainment purposes rather than utilizing it for qualitative purposes. Today, we need to establish a healthy relationship between education and learning.

The virtue behind imparting the value of education is to evolve the human tendency to learn and adapt to the adversity that they will face. Today what we impart will reflect in the result of these students who will be playing the active role or remaining passive. The role played by the institution and organization is equally important. The emphasis must be on reaching the deserving souls as it will encourage others to be a part of this movement. Hence, we need to relate to the younger generation the importance of technology and the pros and cons while learning. So they must value their time and be the spitting image of their knowledge to others.

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