An Expert Guide for scoring 90% & above in CBSE Class 12 – in Less Than a Week

An Expert Guide for scoring 90% & above in CBSE Class 12 – in Less Than a Week

As the days close by, the heart beats faster! Only 5 days to enter the hall room and start answering in 2022’s CBSE Class 12 boards examination. Countless chapters completed, scores of equations solved, yet several chapters are yet to be completed. It’s quite natural to panic!

But here’s the reason why not to panic as you can still score 90% and above with a few disciplines, strategies, and tactics right before a week of entering the halls. 

After the long-drawn chaos brought in by the pandemic in the education system, the Central Board of Secondary Education is all determined and prepared to conduct the examination as scheduled and on time. The recent waves of Covid-19 did raise questions of cancellation, but it wasn’t quite enough evidence to change the dates and the fates of lakhs of students aspiring for their boards from 26th April 2022. This year the questions are planned to be kept with more Subjective questions which indicates students are required to have a clear and in-depth understanding of all conceptual and analytical topics. 

Now only a count of days to go; let’s dig into what’s more important. Your last-minute revision roadmap!

By the time CBSE has released the sample papers and questions banks for all the subjects in the Term 2 examination. Although it can be quite impossible to cover a cent percent of the syllabus, in the last few days before the exam, smart work actually would work better than hard work. Remember it is of utmost importance to keep your mind free from getting puzzled all along. 

Here are a few tactics/strategies for the CBSE class 12 2022 board examination;

  1. Stick to your Syllabus!

You probably must be knowing this, but we want you to believe this! Students with a better grasp of the NCERT books are definitely going to have an advantageous grip over others. Instead of getting derailed from the main subjects while trying to research deeper on a few chapters, you can actually plan out the best scoring areas in the whole syllabus.

So the first thing to make sure of is 100% completion of those scoring chapters as per the syllabus mentioned in NCERT. In the remaining days, revise more and try running through all that you have covered in the syllabus instead of reading all new topics.  

  1. Keep Solving Sample Paper

In the last few days before the exam, it is not advisable to go for studying any bigger chapters! CBSE over the years has been following a pattern of preparing the questions papers that don’t quite differ each year. Practice and solve as many sample papers as you can in the last few days to help develop confidence as more and more questions are solved. There are high chances to figure out the repetitive patterns of questions asked that would indeed help you build a solid exam strategy. 

  1. Chalk Out your Weak Points

While revising and solving papers,  you might get stuck in places. As you go through revising, and solving more sample questions, you would be able to figure out the weak spots in the syllabus. You would still get enough time to either fix the topics that involve the maximum course. Repetitive solving of multiple sample questions can often bring out the point where you have possibilities of making mistakes and losing your scores in boards. Pin out those mistakes and ensure that it is not repeated again at the exam hall. 

  1. Time Management can Play a Key Role!

It is very important to draw out a proper graph for where each and every minute of your time is being invested in the next few weeks. Save as much as time in every possible space from the daily routine which you can actually utilise in revision or planning ahead for your exam. Although out of all the study and eyes glued to notebooks, it is definitely important to keep an hour daily for your amusement as well. A dedicated time table for the exams can actually help you win against a lot of odds. 

At times of solving the sample papers, it is often advisable to maintain a stopwatch with laps for each question and the approach of attempts. This will help the brain understand which type of question are best suited for you to attempt within the first hour or to be kept for the last hour. An important thing to remember, keep at least 15 minutes of time before submission to give a proper revision to all the attempted answers and ensure that the answer is to the best of your knowledge. 

  1. Don’t forget to prioritise English papers!

Definitely the toughest papers in any Term 2 exams are the triplets, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics along with the optional subjects. Keeping aside the scoring subject like Physical Education or Economics, 90% of the times students often miss out on bringing on an English paper. Especially for the CBSE students, in 2022 paper code 184 English Language & Literature has a high scoring potential adding up to your overall score, only if you don’t it lightly. 

The syllabus for English as per NCERT is well segregated and made easy for the students to actually score a perfect 100. Apart from being attentive and focused while sitting in the hall and jotting down the answers, start giving at least an hour to your English textbooks, and keep solving previous year papers. 

  1. Cleanliness & Handwriting!

Yes, last but not the least, CBSE definitely appreciates a more matured and presentable answer, formatted well and a calm manner of answering every question. There are rather chances that the examiners, and teachers scrutinising your answer sheets might award you an extra 5 marks for nice presentation, clear answers and flawless handwriting. The best trick to this is by keeping yourself calm in the hall and having a proper time plan for attempting the question papers. 

Now, with these six points in mind you are all set to deliver the best in your answer sheets. However this won’t be enough if you have failed to cover at least 70% of your NCERT syllabus. For the last few days, try not to study anything additional to what you have actually covered so far. 

On the Day of Exam & the Night Before

Remember the struggle, the puzzling moments and worry on the day of your 10th board examination? Remember how everyone around you were opening their notebooks for final revisions, asking each other for important topics and many more? 

We ask you to stay away from that! Be on your space, reach right on time or even 10 mins early, be only to yourself and stay on your plan of actions. 

At exam hall, try attempting the higher marks questions in the beginning. With more subjective questions allotted for Term 2 CBSE Exams, students would have ample questions based on theoretical understanding, conceptualising and analysing. Once you are done with the long answers you could have ample time to answer the short ones. 

On an additional note, try staying out of fun for a few more days. Maintaining a disciplined time table over time will earn you a lifetime of achievements. Securing a 90% and above score in the 2022 Term 2 examination is possible. Stick to the plan and work smarter now! 

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