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Why Join the Webinar?

2021 has already been puzzling, with ever-altering exam dates, and a confusing syllabus. This has easily brought into notice the mental health of students and guardians struggling to make life-changing career decisions. Such pressure is more likely to impact your mindset during the exam.

Join The Webinar To

  • Be on a direct 1:1 session with a leading NEET career counseling guru
  • Get expert tips on cracking NEET 2021 from experienced education advisors
  • Explore the best ways to handle exam hall pressure
  • Learn to manage exam hall time. 
  • Ask more to know more!

For guardians and parents, the webinar can be a great way to ensure you are preparing your child well enough with the right mental encouragement they need. Explore the right way of guiding them through and after NEET 2021.

Goals & Objectives

Complete guidance on NEET Career Counselling

Alleviate your exam hall pressure

Exploring and mapping your skills

Tips and Strategies for Exam Preparation

Meet Our Speaker

A students’ life is as easy as pivotal it is! The pandemic and the succeeding waves have already added a lot to the existing difficulties for students in 2021, with completely online counseling, a shady vision to plan anything ahead, and puzzled brains lacking the right guidance. 

Today with just a couple of days until the big battle; NEET 2021, you as a medical aspirant shouldn’t have that fear of the unknown or how things would be at the exam center. Now, you should have your mind free from stress or anxiety.

I, hereby, invite you all (even guardians and parents) to be a part of the amazing hour at the live and exclusive webinar starting from 8th, 9th & 10th September. 

Attend the webinar where we will be discussing the best ways of having the most stress-free exam hall experience and be motivated while you pen down the answers. As one of the PlanEdu initiatives to secure futures, the webinar is intended to bring you out of the stress and anxiety that you may have as a NEET 2021 aspirant. 

Meet you there!

Mr. Vikas Bharati

(Motivational Speaker, Eduprenuer, Career Counselor)

Relax to Revise! Final moment preparations are critical.

Attend the webinar for the last-minute useful tips to crack NEET 2021